At taq, we believe that customers should
have full control over their
vehicle buying experience.


We believe that customers should be able to
govern their own financial process,
at any time, from anywhere.


We are driven to build intuitive and consumer-centric technology to drive connectivity at every part of the customer journey.


True Digital Retailing.

Offer a True Digital Retailing Experience

the way it should be.

Giving the customer the power to buy a car online. That’s Automotive Intelligence.
Only taq Automotive Intelligence has succeeded in creating a True Digital Retailing Experience, delivering a solution that puts the full control of a streamlined credit application process into your customer’s hands.


Advanced solutions for leading-edge Lenders.

Innovative, custom solutions built to fit a Lender’s strategy.

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Cutting-edge solutions for future-focused OEMs

Get line–of–sight on customer engagements with Dealers.

We’re creating a smarter way to sell cars.

Software with the power to deliver a

better experience.

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taq’s one Platform gives your team the functionality they need to Track Leads, Manage Customer Lifecycles within Portfolio, and work Credit Decisions. That’s Automotive Intelligence.

One platform. Effortless integration.

Each of the unique solutions in the one Platform provide unmatched capabilities designed to create a seamless and effective experience.



Manage leads from different
sources all-in-one location.



Follow credit applications
from start to finish.



Harness the power of data mining to increase customer retention.


taq is a supportive partner of the Automotive Business School of Canada and Accelerate Auto.

Picture, from left to right: Jason Dale, Dean, Automotive Business School of Canada. Alan Bird, CEO, taq Automotive Intelligence. John  Currado, President, taq Automotive Intelligence. Christopher Nabeta, Founder, Accelerate Auto.

Picture, from left to right: Jason Dale, Dean, Automotive Business School of Canada. Alan Bird, CEO, taq Automotive Intelligence. John Currado, President, taq Automotive Intelligence. Christopher Nabeta, Founder, Accelerate Auto.


We are proud to partner with the following OEMs, Lenders, and Vendors,
delivering innovative technologies to their customers and Dealer Networks.


Our trusted partners say:

In taq, we have found a partner who, like us, is driven to deliver on a holistic experience for our customer.  taq is committed to delivering a customized solution for us that aligns with the goals of our organization and we are confident that they consider our goals when designing their  business strategy.

VinFast Canada

taq has always been a fantastic tool for managing my sales team’s client interactions. It takes seconds to view lead follow-ups and generate reports. I can see all my leads in one place, and anytime I have an issue with the software Rob is quick to provide assistance and fix the problem. I will continue to use taq to ensure my team is on the ball with every lead.

Dave Pascoal, GSM
Kingston Mazda

We have enjoyed using the taq product. The reporting is easy to follow and easily accessible, and shows you all the KPI's that matter when it comes to online selling. It is the only tool I'm aware of that actively measures client engagement, which immediately tells us whether or not our processes are working. Ted and Jeremy have been great, the training is quick and concise, and they are always willing to help no matter the time of day. I couldn't recommend this product enough.

Jonathon Wilson, General Sales Manager
Westwood Honda

taq is easy to use and gives us visibility into our lead volume and how our digital advertising is performing. The filters allow us to utilize the data captured to identify our internet shoppers and deliver targeted marketing campaigns. We are pleased with the software as well as the ongoing support and training offered by their staff.

Chadd Lockwood, General Manager
Grimsby Ford

The taq One lead management tool is a cost-effective way to handle all lead responses. All leads in one place. From individual sales rep break downs, to reminders, every lead you are on top of. My managers can instantly jump into any scenario at any time. And follow ups a breeze. With date tracking and sales rep response instantly available. A great tool but like all tools, it must be utilized.

Patterson Stratton, GSM
Erin Dodge

Let us show you how our powerful technology and services can help you drive sales performance.

Your data is safe.

taq is committed to the highest standards of online security. Our systems and practices are designed to protect networks, devices, programs, and data from attack, damage, and unauthorized access.

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