All the leading-edge technology you need on one platform.

Integrating Leads, Credit, and Portfolio all on one platform… that’s Automotive Intelligence.

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Boost efficiency. Increase engagement.

Get the perfect balance of simplicity and customization to help you connect with customers quickly and effectively. Deliver more leads and better customer engagement – all with measurable results.

LEADS-Capitalize on all Opportunities

Capitalize on all Opportunities

Create leads for online, walk-ins, phone calls, and more.

LEADS-Custom Lead Dashboard

Custom Lead Dashboard

Assign leads to fit your dealership's sales process.

LEADS-Mobile App

Mobile App

Be available to customers 24/7.


Custom Templates

Make a positive impression with templates that look great on any device.

LEADS-Appointments_& Tasks_

Appointments & Tasks

Schedule meetings, test drives & follow-up tasks.


Lead History

All touchpoints are tracked and timestamped for easy reference.



Push a lead to the Credit Platform with just one click.


Reporting & KPIs

Track team performance and the lead sources that generate most sales.


Text Capabilities

Communicate with your customers through text messaging

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The credit process has never been easier with custom solutions tailored to your needs.

Our one Platform solution seamlessly connects your customers with the credit they need and keeps you in the loop every step of the way. Get customers into the right vehicle with the right finance source.

CREDIT-Receive Email_Notifications

Receive Email Notifications

Never miss an update with instant email notifications.

CREDIT-Leverage DMS Integration

Leverage DMS Integration

Enjoy a suite of powerful tools all working together seamlessly.


Message Lenders

Simply communicate with your lenders at anytime.

CREDIT-Track Notes_on Deals

Track Notes on Deals

Stay on top of deal details with easily managed notes.

CREDIT-One Lender_to Another

One Lender to Another

Transfer information quickly and efficiently between lenders.

CREDIT-Pre-populated Documents

Pre-populated Documents

Simply click to print legal documents.

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Boost customer retention rates and make portfolio management easier than ever.

Every record in your portfolio is a perfect opportunity to get a customer to lease, loan or buy from you again. Put all your lease and loan customers in one place so you can quickly mine your portfolio.

Portfolio-Data Mining_

Data Mining

Mine portfolio data for new opportunities.

Portfolio-Buyout Insights_

Buyout Insights

View customers to determine buy-up opportunities.

Portfolio-Lease Returns_

Customer Retention

Improve retention by viewing all customers in one place.

Portfolio-Targeted Communications_

Targeted Communications

Customizable solutions for easy customer communication.

Portfolio-Weekly Portfolio Notification_

Weekly Portfolio Notifications

Receive email alerts about customers that are coming due.

Portfolio-Portfolio Leads_

Portfolio Leads

Turn portfolio records into sales leads with just a few clicks.

Portfolio-Assign Leads_

Assign Leads

Provide new opportunities for sales teams.

Portfolio-Track Appointments and Tasks_

Track Appointments, and Tasks

Stay on top of all leads.

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