What makes a good car dealership?

Car dealerships are essential for many consumers. Whether they plan on upgrading their current vehicle, adding another vehicle to their household, or purchasing one for the first time, you want them to choose your store[CA1] . Choosing a dealership is tricky and a big deal for some customers. Buying or leasing a new car is a

Car dealerships are essential for many consumers. Whether they plan on upgrading their current vehicle, adding another vehicle to their household, or purchasing one for the first time, you want them to choose your store[CA1] .

Choosing a dealership is tricky and a big deal for some customers. Buying or leasing a new car is a big decision that takes a lot of thought and research. Even if customers are in the market for a used car, it still takes careful consideration to make sure they are choosing the right vehicle for their circumstances and budget.

In the age of technology and digitalization, car dealerships are probably one of the few businesses left that still heavily rely on in-person sales and service as the main source of profit and customer interactions. There are so many processes, systems, and departments that are crucial to the smooth operation of a dealership. These components must work together efficiently to ensure the dealership is successful.

With a tool like the taq one Platform, your dealership can successfully leverage the benefits of a central platform to manage leads, applications, portfolios, and customer lifecycles with the efficiency of well-developed in-store strategies. That way, your dealership can optimize resources and time to generate as much success and profit as possible.

In addition to the service your dealership provides, customers are looking at a long list of criteria to ensure they choose a dealership that’s good, trustworthy, and helpful. Ensuring your dealership has the resources to tackle the challenges and needs that each customer has is important.

Now that the environment is starting to improve again for both dealerships and car shoppers, it’s important to ensure your dealership is prepared to greet everyone and provide an excellent customer experience.

What separates a good car dealership from the rest?

There are many ways a car dealership can be great and provide a pleasant experience to its customers. Here are some ways a car dealership can provide value to itself and its customers:

  1. Responsive support

    Customer support throughout the car-buying journey is very important for all customers. Throughout the research and buying phases, customers might have tons of questions about car models, financing options, leasing plans, upgrades, and more. They might ask questions online or when they visit your physical dealership.

    Ensure your team is promptly responding to the phone, providing real-time online support, and greeting customers as they enter through the door. Your dealership will be more likely to succeed if you are more responsive.

  2. Accessibility and convenience

    Customers have different shopping preferences and enjoy convenience throughout the entire car purchasing journey. Accessibility means customers should be able to use your resources and get the experience they want no matter how they choose to interact with your dealership. This could be offering multiple ways to browse your selection of cars, offering the same quality of support for online and in-person shopping, and providing multiple ways for customers to make a purchase.

    Convenience offers customers the flexibility to shop based on their circumstances and schedule. For example, you could offer shuttle services for customers without cars to visit your dealership. You could also offer complementary services like wi-fi, coffee, a welcome gift, or a comfortable lounge for kids and families.

  3. An attractive display

    Most customers visit your dealership to browse the cars you have in stock. A great dealership not only has a wide selection of vehicles for customers to choose from but also attractively displays its inventory. This means ensuring a clean dealership, easy accessibility to cars on the lot, and an organized space for customers to walk around.

  4. A professional team

    Your dealership works as a team to keep the shop looking great and ensure all components in your system are ready. A good team has professionalism, confidence, and good customer service skills. Customers should feel welcomed and receive a personalized experience when they walk into your dealership. To have a great dealership, everyone on your team has to have the goal of providing the best customer experience possible.

How to improve as a car salesperson

Being a good car salesperson is a hard skill. It takes lots of training and practice to be able to provide an excellent customer experience. Here are some tips to incorporate:

  1. Learn your inventory

    Knowing exactly what you have in stock on your lot and showroom is important. It shows professionalism and helps you sell quicker and more successfully. Especially since customers are already doing extensive research before visiting your dealership, you should know each car better than them and provide additional information that they did not know. Once you’re fully comfortable selling your inventory, you can also easily upsell and tailor your sales pitch to the individual needs of every customer.

  2. Connect with each customer

    It’s important to provide a personalized customer experience for everyone that walks into your dealership. Each customer is unique and has different criteria for their future vehicle. Make their car buying journeys more intimate by learning names and finding common interests. Ask open-ended questions that help you learn more about why they need to buy a car and what they’re looking for. The more you connect with the customer, the more you can find convincing selling points and a product that they’re more likely to buy.

    Connecting with the customer goes beyond closing the deal. Keep in touch with your customers to ensure they’re enjoying their new purchase. Keep them on an email list so you can send follow-up messages and new promotions.

  3. Invest in training

    Training is the key to becoming a great salesperson. Educate yourself with the latest consumer trends in the automotive industry and how you can leverage technology to close more deals. You can leverage training from top performers at your dealership or other resources to help you become more familiarized with the sales process.

What social media platforms can your car dealership be leveraging?

  1. Facebook

    Facebook is a great platform for dealerships to gain exposure and share important business information, such as location, phone number, websites, and other social accounts. Not only can you post targeted ads, but you can also add calls to action on your page, such as signing up for an email list or booking a test drive appointment.

  2. Instagram

    Instagram is designed around pictures and videos, which is perfect for showcasing test drives, close-up shots of specific car features, and safety tests. You can also show promotional photos and videos to create excitement and anticipation for new models.

    In addition, Instagram is great for showing behind-the-scenes footage of workplace culture and how your dealership is constantly improving. It shows customers you care about them and want to provide the best experience possible.

  3. YouTube

    A YouTube channel allows you to upload videos of your inventory for users to like, comment, and subscribe to. You can offer advice from your technicians on how customers can maintain their cars using accessories and services from your dealership. You can also create educational videos that place you as a credible source in the automotive industry and embed these videos throughout your other social accounts.

Learn how to leverage disinfection measures to ensure customer confidence in your business

As mandates and restrictions lift, business as usual is returning for many dealerships. Under current conditions, consumers have changed the way they like to shop and have new expectations about what they want when they enter a dealership. Here are a few ways you can keep your dealership clean to boost customer confidence:

  1. Declutter

    Clutter not only makes your dealership look disorganized, but germs can easily pile up in messy corners. Disposable bottles, coffee cups, and tissues should be thrown away or cleaned right away. Keep forms and other paperwork organized in folders and desks so you have space to wipe down surfaces.

  2. Disinfect high contact areas

    Customers might get nervous touching high contact areas, such as doorknobs, tables, and chairs. You should consistently clean these surfaces to reduce the spread of bacteria. In addition, bathrooms and sinks are common areas that should always be kept clean. Keep disinfectants around the dealership so customers can sanitize their hands if needed.

  3. Vehicle delivery

    While a large part of the vehicle shopping and delivery process is in-store, you can offer options for no-contact delivery to make customers feel safer. You can also ensure customers that all commonly used areas, such as steering wheels, rearview mirrors, air vents, and screens will be thoroughly cleaned before they take their new vehicle home.

Tips for promoting your car dealership business to increase sales

  1. Use online customer testimonials

    Customer testimonials are a fantastic way to gain the trust and business of new customers. Especially because many parts of the car purchasing journey have become digital, online testimonials and reviews prove to customers that you’re worth their money.

  2. Go above and beyond

    Dealerships that go above and beyond their customers and in their brand messaging make a lasting impression. Instead of focusing on a pushy sales pitch, think about how you can capture the interest of customers with creative promotions and unique messaging.