The Power of Automotive Intelligence

by John Currado

The Power of Automotive Intelligence: Technology, Data, and Human Expertise

In the ever-evolving automotive industry, staying ahead of the curve requires more than just the latest models and features.  For taq, continuing to drive how OEMs, Lenders, and Dealers interact with the customers on their purchase journey requires an intentional strategy that is future focused.  As such, we have deliberately designed around the mantra of automotive intelligence, a philosophy that underpins our entire business, creating unique synergy between technology, data, and human experience. 

Robust Technology: The Backbone of Modern Automotives

At the heart of taq lies holistic technology that supports every aspect of our business.  Our innovative and ecosystem of connected tools modernize how customers interact with our Dealer, OEM and Lender partners.  These partners utilize our platforms to deliver a seamless, efficient, and highly personalized purchasing journey that aligns with the demands of their technology savvy customer, and in turn build loyalty, drive sales and set a new standard for the car buying experience. 

Insightful Data: The Fuel for Decision Making

While it’s always been said that “Data is King”, mathematician Clive Humby has instead said that “Data is the new oil”.  While precious, it’s true value is only realized once it is changed into a product, i.e. gas or plastic.  This also holds true for data; only when its examined and analyzed does it become a valuable entity used to uncover the stories behind the numbers and behaviours.   Over the past decade, taq has managed over 100M+ digital leads and gleaned insights about how customers interact with our industry.  That data has given us a unique understanding of what works and what doesn’t, and we have leveraged that intel to steer our data-focused platform design.   Through taq’s connected solution, our OEM, Lender, and Dealer partners acquire data on market trends, customer preferences, and operational inefficiencies to make informed decisions that drive innovation and improve performance. For instance, analyzing customer feedback and purchasing behavior helps in creating sales and service programs that meet the exact needs and desires of the market. taq’s portfolio functionality harnesses real-time insights to determine customer’s purchase habits and buying preferences, providing Dealers revenue opportunities throughout the customer’s ownership journey.   

People Experience: The Human Touch

While technology and data are crucial, the experience and expertise of people remain irreplaceable. taq’s team, from visionary Leadership to developers and designers to sales representatives and customer service agents, bring a human touch that technology alone cannot provide.  Their knowledge, intuition, and ability to connect with customers play a critical role in how taq designs, builds, and delivers their suite of solutions to the industry and positions taq well ahead of the competition. By understanding how the industry is evolving, and what the next iteration of service could be is a benefit that gives taq’s partners a unique advantage.  We don’t build for today.  We build What’s Next.   

The Synergy of Technology, Data, and People

The true power of automotive intelligence lies in the synergy between technology, data, and human experience. When these elements work together, they create a dynamic ecosystem that drives the industry forward.Automotive Intelligence is the driving force behind taq’a success.  By combining robust technology, insightful data, and the invaluable experience of people, we are guided to design and deliver fintech solutions that not just transform how cars are bought and sold, but we deliver operational efficiency with a goal to reshape the entire customer experience. As these elements continue to converge, they will drive unprecedented levels of innovation and success, shaping a smarter, more efficient, and customer-centric automotive landscape.