PRESS RELEASE - Markham, ON March 26, 2024

As Canadian shoppers grow more accustomed to the autonomy and convenience of digital retailing shopping and buying experiences, companies continue to be confronted with delivering that level of experience to their customer base.  In a groundbreaking move to deliver digital optimization to the Canadian market, taq Automotive Intelligence www.taqauto.com, has partnered with Canada’s leading lease take-over specialists LeaseBusters www.leasebusters.com solidifying the commitment of both organizations to provide a modernized and fully digital lease transfer process. 

“This strategic partnership with LeaseBusters is rooted in our deep desire to transform the decades old, antiquated process into a more efficient, streamlined practice that is in line with what consumers expect in today’s marketplace”, says taq president John Currado. “This new venture will facilitate a level of consumer convenience not yet experienced in the lease transfer space, bringing it into the 21st century”. 

This collaboration will see LeaseBusters leverage taq’s state-of-the-art dx technology.  This solution, the only one of its kind in the Canadian marketplace, contains functionality that takes the end-to-end lease transfer process to a fully digital experience for both the buyer and seller, eliminating the need for any paperwork.  Credit link and co-app link features enable convenience for the buyer during the initial lease transfer stage; digital document and e-signature capabilities round out the end process with efficiency and accuracy.  

“As Canada’s vehicle lease transfer specialists and pioneers, we recognize that this space is primed for change”, says LeaseBusters president Jim Matthews. “In taq, we have found a partner who shares our mission to revolutionize the automotive customer’s buying journey through digital transformation.  The launch of this partnership signifies a drive towards a new level of customer experience for leasing customers”. 

taq’s digital lease transfer technology, offered immediately in Ontario, is also being made available to other lenders in the Canadian marketplace, including SCI Lease Corp, which will the first to benefit from the new technology.  SCI Lease Corp president Alan H. Bird shares his thoughts on the industry’s latest leap forward, courtesy of taq’s innovation. “taq is helping us fulfill our 2024 mandate of digital transformation and moves us closer towards the fully digital leasing experience that we want for our own customers.  The evolution of the lease transfer process is only the first step in a journey that is primed for advancement”.   


taq Automotive Intelligence – a member of the SCI Group of Companies – delivers customer-centric technology and customizable solutions to enhance every digital touchpoint of the automotive customer buying experience. As experts in digital retailing and lead management, taq bridges the gap from online to in-person, helping its OEM, Lender and Dealer partners gain a competitive edge in automotive sales.  Diverse in approach and experience, taq uses Automotive Intelligence to build what’s needed to improve the industry and evolve the customer experience.  Learn more at www.taqauto.com.

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Lara Appleton, Marketing Manager