Attract Millennials to Your Dealership with Technology

Are millennials the key to the future success of dealerships? You will have to decide for yourself. Regardless of your outlook though, it's pretty clear that millennials can add value to any organization.

For starters they are excellent at building rapport with fellow millennial shoppers – a segment that will only continue to grow. They also tend to have an affinity for social media and technology. both of which are very important to the current and future success of all dealerships. Lastly, given the right environment, millennials have been proven to be highly driven and will most definitely move the needle when given the chance.

There’s just one problem – working at a dealership is low on Millennial’s list of ideal places to work when compared to other potential careers. This is supported by a recent survey conducted by Roadster which asked millennials which occupations they would prefer to avoid. 59% of them selected “Car Dealer”, which ranked just slightly lower than “Politian” at 64% and “Tax collector” at 62%. Why do millennials want to avoid being a Car Dealer? It’s the technology – or more accurately, the lack of it. The reality is millennials have grown up with technology all around them and in most cases, they’re great at leveraging it as a tool to do their job more effectively and efficiently. Occupations that limit or deny them access to tools or technology are avoided.

So how can dealerships attract more millennial talent? You guessed it! Technology! In fact, the same survey revealed that 59% of those surveyed would change their mind about not working for a dealership if more technology was utilized in the dealership if more technology was utilized in the sales process. This could mean giving the sales staff access to tools like iPads, speedy computers at their desk and of course the latest CRM technology, which they will use to help refresh and invigorate what is today a very tired sales process.

Sure there are other ways to attract millennial talent like compensation packages that favour salary over commission, or flexible work schedules that are in line with a millennial’s need for job satisfaction. But at the end of the day, it’s pretty sure bet that any dealer will have trouble retaining a millennial without the right technology.

For more on this topic, check out the source article for this post: “Survey: Lack of Tech Has Millennials Avoiding Dealership Jobs” – Auto Dealer Today