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What’s Next in Automotive Retail

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The Easier, the Better.

In a world dominated by digital technology that helps with everything from finding a mate to writing an essay (and…

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Trailblazing A New Era for the Automotive Customer

A paradigm shift is taking root in the world of automotive sales.  According to recent reports, 62% of Canadian car…

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taq, Automotive Intelligence Drives Vehicle Leasing Into the 21st Century

PRESS RELEASE – Markham, Canada, November 15th

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by John Currado

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Lessons that dealerships must learn from the Pandemic

The unprecedented global COVID-19 Pandemic has undoubtedly impacted the ways consumers purchase and sell their vehicles. With an evident shift…

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How Dealerships can meet (and exceed) customer expectations

In a capitalist society, consumers have always been an essential component of how the micro and macro economy functions and…

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Automotive Lead Generation – Part 2

For any business that sells a service or product to a target audience, strong lead generation is a large factor in its success. This is especially true for any car dealership or auto shop.

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What makes a good car dealership?

Car dealerships are essential for many consumers. Whether they plan on upgrading their current vehicle, adding another vehicle to their…

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How to organize a car dealership

A successful car dealership relies on the smooth operation of many departments and components. As more consumers are looking to…

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The Unthrottled Benefits of Automotive Digital Retailing

John Currado & Alan Bird The automotive industry is in a state of disruption. From vehicle model, fuel type to…

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Auto data

Data Science in Automotive Industry

The automotive industry continuously experiences many innovative successes and a dynamic set of challenges.

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Data signals abstract

Big Data in the Automotive Industry

Today, the world is becoming increasingly connected and reliant on technology in our daily lives and various industries.

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Data Analysis in Auto

Data Analysis in the Automotive Industry

The interconnected relationship between data and the automotive industry is becoming increasingly transparent and essential.

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Road Ahead

The Rubber Behind and the Road Ahead

A year in review and what’s next at taq Automotive Intelligence.

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